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About Us

Over twenty years ago, Wonderfall’s inventor and owner helped his sister set up her Christmas village display.  He made his own snow for the display by rubbing two Styrofoam blocks together above the display. Three months later, he sat up in bed provoked by a thought so clear it was almost an image before him – make a box, create the right size holes in the box floor, and slow agitation will evenly and gradually create a gentle snowfall effect.

We have been making snow and confetti machines ever since.  The effects are as realistic as you want them to be and we make sure you have the best materials to choose from.  Wonderfall is our newest creation and we hope you enjoy it; it’s wireless, allows you to create your own custom falling effect with “snow” and party confetti, and you can easily mount it from a single point.

Our Mission

Wonderfall’s Mission is to create magical, realistic, and long-lasting snow and confetti falling effects that will add a festive energy and warmth to all holiday gatherings, sporting events, dances, birthday parties, displays, theaters, wedding receptions, and other special events using our patented designs.

U.S. Patents #5,632,419 & 6,082,594. Additional Patents Pending.

Wonderfall Features

If you are looking for falling effects with endless possibilities, you've come to the right place!

Completely Wireless

Hang Wonderfall above your display, party, or Christmas tree. Click the small remote to on and watch the magical falling effects as confetti or snow float from holes on the bottom of the Wonderfall machine for hours at a time.

Multiple Confetti Options

Comes with one bag of party confetti and one bag of snow. Each bag lasts up to 5 hours! Want another type of confetti? Choose from our refill options or create your own.

Confetti tissue is biodegradable and can be used outdoors

Multiple Mounting Options

Included Hook, Ball Joint Mount, and Mounting Rim for easy options.


Our Pricing

Wondefall offers many different falling effects to suit your needs. Click below to see all the wonderful products available through the Wonderfall Amazon Store

Wonderfall Starter Kit


  • Totally Wireless
  • Adjustable Effects
  • Party Confetti Included
  • Snow Confetti Included
  • Batteries Included
  • Multiple Mounting Options Included
  • Patent Pending



  • Biodegradable
  • Flame Retardant
  • Halloween/Christmas
  • Parties/Proms
  • Weddings/Events
  • Birthdays/Holidays