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Front View of single WFXL measurements white edge.

NEW!   You can now connect and “Daisy Chain”   several  WFXL snow machines together without using extra extension cords! One standard 110v outlet can supply enough power for 17 WFXL snow machines!  It’s a great design and takes the worry out multiple electric cords up high.

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Wonderfall XL is ideal for Church Productions,  floor displays,  theater, windows, and events of all kinds. For windows and floor displays, the snowfall lasts up to 8+ hours and it’s totally silent!  Need a heavier snowfall? The Wonderfall XL Snow Machine weighs just 3 pounds and  can be easily adjusted for a great, lively snowfall effect.

At Wonderfall, we use carefully chosen materials for the most realistic snow and confetti falling effects.  Our snow is a white translucent shredded plastic flake that floats down just like real snow and it’s re-usable!  If you have a large church or theatre you can use our white tissue snow confetti that reflects light better and gently falls wave-like in the air to create a beautiful atmosphere over any event.

Are you a church? If yes, you are not alone.  We have served hundreds of churches over our 25 years!  Give us a call for great rates and advice. (813) 765-2676.

People always want to know how our snow machine works.  Our patented design uses gentle agitation under the snow or confetti until gravity takesover and the snow or confetti gently releases from holes on the bottom of the  machine. No liquids are involved! Plug-in and un-plug for on and off operation or you can use our remote control (sold seperately) good for up to 100 feet. Wonderfall XL stays perfectly still during operation, is totally silent, and installs easily using the built-in mounting rings.  Stored properly, Wonderfall XL will last for years to come.  Design services available.

  • 8 hours+ of falling effects
  • Totally silent
  • Mounting hardware built in
  • Weighs just 3 pounds
  • No Assembly Required
  • New! Link to other snow machines!  

10 pound box of snow

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25 pound box of snow

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See Some Happy Wonderfall XL Customers

The UPS store in Plymouth NH.  ““It was a HUGE hit and got a nice write up in the local paper!” 

If you’re looking for a clean and easy way to bring your window display to life, then you’ve definitely found the right product!

“We are a small theater and so happy to find an easy and affordable way to make snowfall! Thanks Wonderfall ! “

Whether your production is on Broadway or just off Main Street, we can help bring your show to life without breaking the bank!

Here's Some Pictures from Our Customers!

Man looking out of the shop

The Maze in Americus, GA started using our snow machine about 10 years ago.  In this pic he uses our pulley system to lower the machines.  Every year people come to see Chuck’s snowing window displays, and many get inside the window for pictures!

Bring the crowds to your storefronts and window displays with these very easy to install Wonderfall XL displays.  Why let your competition reap all the benefits?

Seasons of Williamsburg had a great corner location to show their snowing display.  Your windows can look just as amazing for a mere fraction of the cost of the top of the line snow and confetti machines.  Look like the “Big Boys” without paying the big price tag.

Thumbnail of Christmas tree on a snow