Make It Snow With These In Tow…

Special Effects Don’t Have To Be Expensive, Big And Complicated…

Single Wonderfall XL white edge square box
Logo of Wonderfall XL

The Wonderfall XL Snow Machine is so effective you will be the talk of the town!  Really?  A snowfall in window display? YES!  It’s great for festive displays of all kinds, as well as theaters and weddings.  For over 20 years the Wonderfall XL Snow Machine has re-created beautiful, 8 hour, silent Snowfalls, Flower-falls and Confetti-falls in displays, windows, Christmas productions, theater, themed events, parties and more, with no loss of floor space and without messy liquids and massive machinery.  Our patented design means you will have an amazingly realistic, silent snowfall for up to 8 + hours!

Our indoor snow machine, Wonderfall XL, has been used in a broad range of applications.  You may have seen us in popular national retailers like Old Navy, Disney or Abercrombie & Fitch.  Church’s all over use Wonderfall XL and JR. in productions, and the theater from Broadway to Ford’s Theater.  Jump on board! No matter how big or small, Wonderfall has the right size machine for your project.

Always Made in the USA, Wonderfall XL comes with our Full Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Totally silent and weighs just 3 pounds
  • Snowfall lasts 8 hours!
  • Adjustable density of snow falling
  • Medium to large snowflakes and confetti
  • Snow and confetti sold separately
  • Flame retardent snow and confetti


Logo of Wonderfall JR

Show off your design and decorator skills and add something beautiful, creative and…unexpected.  Wonderfall  JR. is great for Weddings, Parties, Proms, Dance Floors, Village Displays, and loads of other projects –  Why is it great?  Because there are no wires!  It runs up to 30 hours off 3 AA batteries and it weighs only 2 pounds.

Wonderfall JR. is versatile – it’s a snow machine and custom confetti machine that is totally silent, adjustable, and wireless. Weighing two pounds, Wonderfall JR.  and can be hung almost anywhere. Because it’s adjustable and customizable, users can choose the density and colors of the falling effects. With just 3 AA  batteries (included) Wonderfall JR. will last over 30 hours.


“There is no other machine that can drop snow and confetti silently, and for hours at a time ! ”         Mark Jones,  Designer, Anaheim, CA  


  • Wireless & totally silent
  • Adjustable and lightweight
  • Drop Flower Petals, Snow…and more!
  • Falling Effects lasts up to 4 hours
  • Free bag of  Snow and Party Confetti
  • Biodegradable confetti can be used outdoors